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Titanium modular surgical telescope system

The basics of all of our videns™ Titanium Surgical Loupes is a high-tech framework handmade from pure, not painted videns™ Titanium. This framework has a weight of only 12 grams. Flexible earpieces and the ergonomic construction provide a perfect fitting of the videns™ Titanium apochomatic loupe system.

2.5x apochromatische Binokular LupeneinheitThe galilean apochromatic oculars (2.5x; 3.5x) consisting of special mineral glass lenses and a aluminum body. The oculars have a weight of only 18 gr. each. The apochromatic oculars are adapted on a mechanic carriage unit for providing an optimal adjustment of the inter pupillary distance and an ergonomic declination angle.

The usage of the surgical loupes is possible without prescription lenses or include prescription or as well as include contact lenses.

A significant advantage of the videns™ Titanium Surgical Loupe system is the possibility of the exchange of the binocular units. Mean, with the videns Quick-Lock system you are able to change from the 2.5x magnification to the 3.5x magnification within seconds.

Our intention is it to provide a high quality and well balanced light-weight surgical loupe system, useable in all disciplines of medicine. Comfort,  ergonomics, quality and the outstanding optics are the main advantages of our Apochromatic videns™ Titanium Surgical Loupes, Handmade in Switzerland.

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2.3x | 2.5x | 3.5x Apochromatic
2.5x apochromatische Binokular Lupeneinheit 3.5x apochromatic Binocular Loupe Unit

  • Framework 100% pure Titanium
  • optional prescription lenses
  • optional protection shield
  • Nose pads adjustable
  • flexible PD of the loupe unit
  • Options: LED Light, CCD Camera
  • ··»Function:
  • usable as protection glasses
  • Loupes without correction
  • Loupes including correction
  • ··»Ergonomics:
  • perfect fitting, flexible earpieces
  • light weight; ca. 69 grams only
  • well balanced system
  • ··»Magnifications:
  • 2.3 & 2.5x & 3.5x
  • Apochromatic galilean loupes
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