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Magnifications & Working Distances at Titanium Surgical Loupes

videns™ Titanium Surgical Loupes are available in two magnifications: 2.5x and 3.5x - According to our extended experience and feedback from our customers a magnification factor of 2x or 3x is sufficient for most surgical procedures and needs of the surgeon considering all relevant factors.

The loupes (Magnification = 2.5x; 3.5x) consist of mineral glass and aluminum. Their weight amounts to per 18 grams each. The loupes are a Galilean apochromatic system that’s why they are very small and light.

The loupes are available in the following enlargements & working distances:

 Enlargement 2.5x 
 Working Distance  340 mm  450 mm  500 mm
 Visual Field  65 mm  75 mm  90 mm  
 Enlargement 3.5x 
 Working Distance  340 mm  450 mm  500 mm  
 Visual Field  35 mm  45 mm  50 mm  

The working distance (distance from the eye of the surgeon to the treatment area of the patient) must be kept relatively constant. This leads to a better posture.
The muscles of the eyes are not stressed by an incessant near-accommodation. The result is a fatigue induced, poor work.

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