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The Right Magnification - is not the highest...
Each magnification are basicly general physical laws.
2.5x apochromatische Binokular LupeneinheitA maximum possible magnification and the special requirements for optimum corresponding magnification are absolutely two different things.
With our products the ergonomics and optimal function are at the center of our attention. Therefore we also consider work distance, posture, as well as the conditions and requirements of the medicine.

Disadvantages to high magnifications...
The microscope has the large advantage that the power of enlargement without problems can be selected and changed according to the current needs. Besides the head of the surgeon is not loaded by eye protector and instruments. A surgical mask should be carried nevertheless (spray, splash).

The microscope is suitably, where during the handling time the operation field does not change e.g. Aesthetic Dentistry:
  • Preparations of cavities (not crowns)
  • Locally limited surgery (Root resections, certain perio-surgery) 
  • Root canal treatment

The microscope is a static instrument. The surgeon has himself to arrange with its features.  
Surgeon, microscope and patient (operation field) must be brought into a fixed relationship. As advantage from it a good posture of the operating surgeon results. On the other hand keeping a certain posture can be fatiguing.

The microscope requires - together with RX and OP light - in the treatment room a further telescope lever, fixed to the wall or ceiling.
Even with a mobile soil stand the space requirement is not insignificant. The application of the same instrument in different OP rooms is arduous.
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