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Highest is not the best magnifying, enlargement...
Important advantages when operating with telescopes

2.5x apochromatische Binokular LupeneinheitThe working distance (distance from the eye of the Surgeon / Doctor to the relevant area of the patient) must be kept relatively constant.

This leads to a better posture. The muscles of the eyes are not stressed by an incessant near-accommodation. The result is a fatigue-poor work.

An enlargement from 2x to 3x according to experience covers a large part of the needs as compromise between all relevant factors.

    The higher the magnification:
  • the field of view (decrease in the square to the power) becomes smaller. Aesthetic Dentistry e.g. requires ě from 6 - 7 cm, since also the neighbour teeth must be referred.
  • the depth sharpness (decrease in the square to the power) becomes smaller.
  • the free working distance becomes smaller (decrease in the square to the power).
  • luminous intensity becomes smaller.
  • the check of the surrounding field (visual monitoring of the patient) becomes more difficult.
  • more strongly each movement is passed from Patient and Surgeon to the field of view.
The maximum possible enlargement and the optimal relevant enlargement are two different things!
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