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videns® Titanium Surgical Loupes
videns® Titanium Surgical Loupes - Apochromatic Binocular Loupes in 2.5x or 3.5x
The videns® apochromatic Titanium Surgical Loupes for dental and
surgical treatments, as well as micro-surgical applications is an absolute improvement for the ergonomics and the quality of your medical work...

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··»videns® SuperBright LED Head Light
videns® dental - Titanium Surgical Loupe System

       Brand NEW - the videns® dental - Titanium Surgical Loupe System

micro surgical loupes - e.g. loupes for transplantation medicine; swiss loupes, means loupes handmade and hand manufactured in Switzerland with Suisse quality
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German version
2.3x | 2.5x | 3.5x Apochromatic
2.5x apochromatische Binokular Lupeneinheit 3.5x apochromatic Binocular Loupe Unit

  • Framework 100% pure Titanium
  • optional prescription lenses
  • optional protection shield
  • Nose pads adjustable
  • flexible PD of the loupe unit
  • Options: LED Light, CCD Camera
  • ··»Function:
  • usable as protection glasses
  • Loupes without correction
  • Loupes including correction
  • ··»Ergonomics:
  • perfect fitting, flexible earpieces
  • light weight; ca. 69 grams only
  • well balanced system
  • ··»Magnifications:
  • 2.3 & 2.5x & 3.5x
  • Apochromatic galilean loupes
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