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CCD Color Camera at Titanium Pro Loupes
CCD Color Camera for Documentation in Micro Surgery With a length of 27 mm (without lens) and a diameter of 7 mm the videns CCD Color Videocamera belongs to the smallest and easiest High Tech Cameras worldwide. The 1/6"color CCD chip supplies a captivating image quality with 480.000 pixels. This is the quality you need in order to represent and document any details of operations in microsurgery exactly, effectively and optimally.

Depending upon the requirements, different lenses are available. Lenses with the focal length as off f = 2.2 mm; f = 4 mm; f = 8 mm and f = 15 mm can be adapted.

The maximum horizontal picture angle is up to 93? (with f = 2.2 mm). The smallest possible horizontal picture angle is low as 13.7? (with f = 15 mm).

The overall length of the CCD Camera inclusive a lens is about 32 mm. The camera head fits into a special mount of the SuperBright LED adapter. The system is constantly well balanced, so that there is no external fixation needed. The video signal preparation takes place via DSP (digital signal processing). Any adjustmens are made via control unit which can be used very simply. The camera head and the control unit are connected with a 3.9 m cable.

With the adaptation of this CCD camera you receive live movies in best quality WITHOUT any special assistance. The movie can be recorded directly over a VCR, DVD or can be stored, with appropriate hardware, on a PC for any additional processing (e.g. presentation/documentation).

Documentation without compromises!
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Control Unit
Camera Control Unit
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